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ultra rugged
WT-A533 Linen Tag
WT-A533L Fashion Tag

Linen Tag

  • Cost efficient solution with exceptional durability for industrial washing, drying, dry cleaning and ironing.
  • Suitable for Autoclave sterilization.
  • Conforms to ISO/IEC 18000-63 (formerly 18000-6C) and EPC Gen2.
  • 100% non-magnetic construction.
  • UHF technology to read hundreds of tags simultaneously.
Fashion Tag 
  • Home wash and dry  clean safe
  • Small transparent design is an ideal solution for: 
    • High fashion
    • Tuxedo Rentals 
    • Wedding Dresses
    • High End Accessories 
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New tag design enables greater reliability and performance while enabling reading of hundreds of flat linens quickly and accurately in harsh commercial laundry environments 

The new WT-A533 ultra-rugged RFID tags incorporate a new mechanical and antenna design for the toughest of Laundry environments. Designed to withstand 60 bar of extraction pressure with extremely low failure rates, the WT-A533 tag is a break-through in reliability and performance. 

The industries smallest, washable Fujitsu UHF RFID tags are extremely flexible, soft and durable, ideal for flat linens and garments. The ultra-rugged nature of the tag’s design and materials is intended for long deployment cycles, allowing the tag to be reused into another linen item within the intended life-cycle time, reducing total cost of ownership. 

Fujitsu UHF RFID tags are about two inches long and less than a half inch wide – about the size of a shirt stay. When sewn into linens, the small, flexible, unobtrusive tags are virtually unnoticeable.