Make Self-Service Simplified
with Fujitsu S3

The NGA Show
Booth #719
Paris Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
September 19-21, 2021

Fujitsu at The NGA Show 21

25 years after launching the industry’s first complete Self-Checkout solution, Fujitsu is once again leading the digital transformation of in-store technologies with Fujitsu S3 Self-Service Simplified. S3 solutions are designed from a fundamental belief that technology should adapt to meet your changing needs, your needs should never adapt to meet technology.

With S3, retailers can easily deploy a consistent customer interface across all in-store technology, increasing adoption rates by minimizing the friction of learning curves. At The NGA Show 21, Fujitsu will be showcasing innovative retail hardware and software from our S3 line of products, including the new flagship U-SCAN Elite self-checkout as well as our smallest self-service system ever, the U-SCAN BOLT.

Why be ordinary when you can be Elite?

The U-SCAN Elite signals a change in the concept of self-checkout design. It’s been designed from the ground up for maximum flexibility in available options and configurations. With its clean lines and minimal aesthetic, the U-SCAN Elite embodies modernity in any retail environment without intimidating or boring customers.

U-SCAN Elite

Just BOLT it and forget about it

The U-SCAN BOLT™ is small and simple to deploy, allowing a retailer to add self-service solutions anywhere throughout the store. The purposeful minimalist aesthetic blends into existing store décor, ensuring BOLT never looks out of place. No matter the application, BOLT can be relied upon to engage customers at the level of familiarity they are expecting.

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In-store technology is changing rapidly. Is your store changing with it? Fujitsu makes self-service easy. Find out how we can help you keep up with constantly changing customer demands at The NGA Show 21.

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