The world of retail has changed. 
Your in-store technology must change with it.

S3 Self Service Simplified

Fujitsu S3: Self-Service Simplified

To meet your customers growing self-service demands, Fujitsu is once again leading the transformation of in-store technologies with the launch of Fujitsu S3.

S3 solutions are designed to simplify integrating, deploying and even developing self-service solutions. S3 is a suite of modular software and hardware building blocks designed to be used together for complete in-store solutions or integrated individually into a retailer’s existing estate to augment their in-store capabilities.

Self-Service Solutions

With S3, retailers can now easily deploy a consistent customer interface across all in-store technology, increasing adoption rates by minimizing the friction of learning curves.

One data source, one suite of products, one customer view – S3 is unified commerce for self-service.

Self Service Environment

Integration Options

More than 20 years of retail integration expertise is now available for all self-service solutions.

S3 provides three integration packages to meet the needs of retailers no matter the platform, system or application. Fujitsu understands self-service only works when it all works together.

Self Checkout Integrations

S3 Hardware

Fujitsu S3’s suite of hardware solutions are built for one goal: simplify self-service solutions. Combined with S3 integrations, Fujitsu self-service hardware is the among the most flexible, adaptable and reliable systems on the market today.
S3 automated cash management solutions allow one common payment module to be deployed at the POS lane, for a convertible lane, as a payment station, or a full SCO. Using a common module reduces management costs, simplifies integration, improves deployments and ensures your customer always has a consistent experience.
SmartCASH cash box module

The most compact recycler with maximum capacity on the market today. SmartCASH is designed to be deployed as easily for in-counter POS cash automation as a complete standalone SCO system.

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U-SCAN Elite

U-SCAN Elite
Built with the SmartCASH as its foundation, Elite is the most adaptable Fujitsu self-checkout ever with hundreds of configuration options. Why choose ordinary when you can choose Elite?

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U-SCAN Verso
With Verso Convertible POS lanes, a manned lane can be converted to self-service at the click of a button. Verso ensures all lanes are open to customers at all times.

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QSS integrates into existing POS systems to provide a simple to deploy food ordering solution. The S3 common interface ensures the customer’s experience is familiar and seamless so staff can focus on order fulfillment.

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Fujitsu’s smallest self-service system works seamlessly with all S3 solutions. No matter the application, BOLT lets a retailer drop in a solution anywhere a customer can serve themselves. Just BOLT it and forget about it.

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RIFD Self-Checkout

RFID Self-Checkout
Using state-of-the-art technology, Fujitsu’s RFID self-service solutions reduce checkout times to seconds. RFID self-checkout eliminates friction for customers and allows staff to focus on what really matters: the customer experience.

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S3 Software

Learning curves create frustration, and frustration creates lost customers. S3 software solutions are developed to provide the intuitive experience todays customers expect with the consistent interface that keeps driving adoption.
U-Shop Mobile Scan and Go

U-Shop mobile POS allows customers to choose a fully autonomous shopping experience. With Scan’n’Go, customers engage with retailers on their own terms, on their own devices by scanning the items they want as they walk through the store.

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AI Produce Recognition

A.I. Machine Vision
Self-Checkout lanes augmented with machine-learning solutions for product recognition and enhanced security reduce friction, improve customer satisfaction, and allow retailers to maximize their existing investments.

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Fujitsu’s suite of biometric authentication products includes PalmSecure, one of the most accurate forms of biometric identify verification. PalmSecure provides a fully contactless experience that reduces contact with shared surfaces and improves hygiene and safety.

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Fujitsu UScan

U-SCAN self-service software has been relied upon by retailers for more than 20 years, and continues to introduce innovation designed to simplify the self-service experience for retailers, integrators and customers.

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Fujitsu Integro

Integro is an out-of-the-box life-cycle management tool that provides in-depth analysis and detailed reporting. With Integro, retailers can simplify in-store support with on-sight tools that train and automate staff.

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Fujitsu Taskforce

Empower your staff and augment your store systems with Fujitsu’s event-driven communications platform, Taskforce. With Taskforce, connected devices can send and receive alerts in order to redeploy labor where it is needed.

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With Fujitsu S3, you can easily integrate the products and software you want, the way you want. To start finding the modular hardware and software that is right for your retail environment, please contact us.