U-Shop Mobile

A mobile application allowing retailers to deliver a safe shopping experience on smartphones

As the landscape of retail continues to change at a rapid pace, customers are increasingly demanding expanded levels of seamless self-service options and contactless offerings throughout their retail journey. U-Shop is designed to address these new retail challenges head on by providing shoppers with a user-friendly experience on the devices that they are already accustomed to using.

Focus on what really matters

U-Shop eliminates the learning curves associated with typical self-service technologies while helping retailers improve operational processes with little to no impact on their existing in-store infrastructure.

Shop Safely

Provide a safe, hygienic method for in-store shopping

Speed Up Transactions

Reduce queues by speeding up transaction times at self-checkout

Engage Customers

Redirect labor to more valuable customer-facing activities

Enhancing Self-Checkout

Scan’n’Go in the U-Shop app eliminates friction at self-checkout and drives customer loyalty

U-Shop mobile application offers a quick, contactless self-checkout experience so your shoppers can complete their end-to-end retail experience using their own mobile device. Scan’n’Go delivers this autonomous shopping experience to retail shoppers while ensuring the entire customer journey is as familiar, consistent, and as reliable as the smartphone in their hands.

Modern software, rapid deployment

As part of Fujitsu S3, U-Shop can be integrated and deployed based on the specific needs of individual retailers. No matter the platform, system or application, Fujitsu understands self-service only works when it all works together.

S3 integration options
Self Service Environment

Self-Service Simplified

Fujitsu is leading the digital transformation of retail technology with Fujitsu S3. S3 is a suite of modular software and hardware building blocks designed to be used together for complete in-store solutions or easily integrated individually into a retailer’s existing estate to augment their in-store capabilities.

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