U-SCAN Vision

Reducing friction at Self-Checkout has never been simpler than with U-SCAN Vision

U-SCAN Vision increases checkout throughput using advanced machine-learning and security features, allowing retailers to accurately manage inventory and improve the customer experience.

U-SCAN Vision

Maximize your investments

U-SCAN Vision eliminates the frustrations associated with Self-Checkout and allows retailers to provide the intuitive experience today’s customers expect with enhanced features that maximize their existing investments.
Reduce Friction

Reduce Friction

Improve throughput at Self-Checkout with produce recognition and machine learning

Eliminate Loss

Decrease risk of loss by identifying instances of scan avoidance and barcode swapping
Maximize Investments

Maximize Investments

Platform-independent application interfaces easily with existing Self-Service technology

Modernize Checkout Processes

Provides enhanced produce recognition and shrink prevention wherever it is needed

U-SCAN Vision applies cutting-edge image recognition and machine learning technology to quickly and efficiently identify items during the checkout process, resulting in increased throughput and a decrease in the risk of loss due to human errors and theft. The platform-independent application can integrate with any self-checkout, POS, or third-party application.

Complex technology, simple integration

As part of Fujitsu S3, U-SCAN Vision can be integrated and deployed based on each retailer’s specific requirements. No matter the platform, system or application, Fujitsu understands self-service only works when it all works together.

S3 integration options
Self Service Environment

Self-Service Simplified

Fujitsu is leading the transformation of in-store technologies with Fujitsu S3. Simplify checkout processes with our suite of modular software and hardware building blocks designed to be used together for complete in-store solutions or easily integrated individually into a retailer’s existing estate to augment their in-store capabilities.

Ready to enhance the experience at your store with U-SCAN Vision?

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