Fujitsu Taskforce

Empower staff and augment store systems with event-driven communications

Fujitsu Taskforce allows retailers to send event-driven alerts to mobile and wearable devices used to manage Self-Checkout, POS, and other systems. Get rid of bulky attendant posts that add cost and diminish customer service capabilities.


Solutions made for retailers

Taskforce streamlines customer support, inventory management, and maintenance processes by sending event-driven alerts to store devices so that associates can focus on what really matters: the customer experience.

Maximize Productivity

Improve your bottom line and attack out of stocks by streamlining inventory management

Drive Loyalty

Create dynamic experiences for customers and empower associates with configurable alerts, reports and more
Customer Experience

Improves Experience

Reduce wait times and enhance the shopping experience by managing interventions immediately

Always be in the right place

Taskforce connects retailers, customers, and products like never before

Taskforce connects your in-house systems and devices to one another and to the systems you depend on to run your business, including Self-Checkout, Point-Of-Sale, and more. Taskforce receives alerts which are triggered by events. Events can be system driven, customer driven, or colleague driven. When a Taskforce-enabled device receives an alert, employees can take action immediately so your customers receive the best possible shopping experience.

Taskforce alert

Management made easy

Administrative controls for Taskforce are conveniently housed in the Taskforce Management Console, a simplified application to make integrations as simple as possible. The user interface provides for maximum usability and efficiency. Taskforce Management Console can be used to perform myriad tasks related to Taskforce, including to signing into Taskforce-enabled clients, managing user roles, configuring alerts, adding devices, viewing reports, and more.

Complex technology, simple integration

As part of Fujitsu S3, Taskforce can be integrated and deployed based on the specific requirements of individual retailers. No matter the platform, system or application, Fujitsu understands self-service only works when it all works together.

S3 integration options
Self Service Environment

Self-Service Simplified

Fujitsu is leading the digital transformation of retail technology with Fujitsu S3. S3 is a suite of modular software and hardware building blocks designed to be used together for complete in-store solutions or easily integrated individually into a retailer’s existing estate to augment their in-store capabilities.

Ready to enhance the experience at your store?

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