S3 Self Service Simplified

The world of retail has changed. Is your store technology changing with it?

Self-Checkout Solutions

Fujitsu’s store technology solutions include retail-proven hardware products designed for Pervasive Retailing environments. Our retail POS products drive down costs and increase productivity to help you gain a competitive edge.

The Fujitsu U-SCAN® Self-Checkout Series offers retailers new features, flexibility, scalability, reliability and usability. With its compact, space-saving footprint, U-SCAN Self-Checkout solutions are expected to rapidly expand into new markets in addition to the traditional grocery sector, where Fujitsu has been a leading innovator for more than 20 years.

FUJITSU Cash Automated Solution SmartCASH™
U-SCAN Elite
U-SCAN Elite
U-SCAN Verso
U-SCAN Mini-Express Vertical
Self Check Out Kiosk for RFID
U-SCAN Mini-Express RFID
Fujitsu Mini-Express Bioptic
U-SCAN Mini-Express Bioptic
U-SCAN Genesis II

Retail Software

Self-Service is no longer an option for retailers, it’s a necessity. Consumers expect to see modern solutions in retail environments. For retailers, implementing the right retail software for their retail environment is more important than ever.

U-SCAN, Fujitsu’s retail software, provides retailers with the consistent, reliable experience that retail shoppers expect to encounter throughout their shopping experience. U-SCAN software makes the customer journey easy and familiar while improving productivity and efficiency for retailers.

U-Shop Mobile
Produce Recognition Software
U-SCAN Vision
Fujitsu Taskforce
Fujitsu Taskforce
Fujitsu Integro