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WT-A533 Linen Tag

Businesses can take advantage of the new ultra-rugged Fujitsu WT-A533  flexible and washable RFID tags to manage their textile, linen and garment assets. Combining the efficiency of check-at-once inventory management with the extended range and accuracy of state-of-the-art UHF tag technology, customers will greatly improve receiving, shipping, and tracking assets while keep their costs low by improving workflow and efficiency. 

Advantages of UHF Technology

  • Speed
    UHF efficiency increases tag read performance to read hundreds of tags in a single pass.
  • Rugged
    Can withstand high pressure extractors and flatworks irons used in high-throughput laundries
  • Accuracy
    Inventory management can be performed accurately and easily by reading multiple tags with very low error rates.
  • ROI
    Installation of UHF technology will provide cost-effective garment management by reducing labor cost associated with barcode or high frequency RFID tags.