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PalmSecure® F-Pro Suite

Your Small and Fast Biometric Choice for Universal Registration

The Fujitsu PalmSecure F-Pro Suite are highly reliable, easy to use components that can be packaged to provide the best-of-breed biometric authentication using Fujitsu’s award-winning PalmSecure technology. The F-Pro suite includes the enhanced sensor, the F-Pro U-Guide for accurate registration, the F-Pro Standard and hand guide and the F-Pro Mouse and hand guide.


Fast, Small and Accurate User Authentication
Quickly register and authenticate users to provide access to mission-critical data in various industry verticals. The F-Pro sensor is 30% smaller and faster than legacy sensors, and has been enhanced to more quickly capture templates while supporting a wider range of ambient temperature and sunlight.

How It Works
Simply place your palm 2 inches above the sensor  and the device captures a near-infrared image of your unique palm vein pattern will be captured and encrypted in under 1 second. A Fujitsu algorithm coverts this image into an encrypted biometric template that can be matched against a database of pre-registered templates. The algorithm will determine whether the comparison of templates results in a match to confirm the identity.

Key Features

  • Palm vein biometric authentication
  • Forgery protection based on blood actively flowing through the palm
  • Exposure times are reduced which shortens the capture time, preventing blurring while capturing palm
  • Frame rate is increased to capture a slowly moving palm
  • Standard USB connection
  • Improved tolerance under ambient sunlight
  • PalmSecure technology has never failed to successfully enroll a user
  • F-Pro sensor 30% smaller than legacy sensors
  • F-Pro suite includes enhanced F-Pro sensor, F-Pro U-Guide for best enrollment, the F-Pro Mouse and hand guide and the F-Pro Standard and hand guide.
Software Developer Kit

The PalmSecure SDK is the developer’s resource for adding our proven technology to your software application and embedded hardware.

  • Full-featured BioAPI
  • Sample code with demo application
  • Windows-based and Linux-based applications
  • Device maintenance tools