Fujitsu Integro™

Simplify in-store support with Integro’s on-sight tools that train and automate your staff

The Fujitsu Integro solution is an out-of-the-box, end-to-end lifecycle management tool that makes the maintenance and support of your Self-Checkout devices easy.

Fujitsu Integro

Effortless automation for retail

Integro eliminates challenges associated with support by providing in-depth analysis and detailed reporting that empowers retailers to simplify maintenance and maximize efficiency.

Improve Productivity

Streamline support desk operations, eliminating support calls to and from your stores.

Modernize Processes

Integro can be used to monitor any smart device or software, regardless of the manufacturer.
Customer Experience

Focus on the Customer

Avoid downtime associated with servicing and redeploy labor to customer-facing activities.

Maintenance made simple

Integro prevents issues before they happen

Make maintenance of Self-Service systems simple with Fujitsu Integro. Integro monitors the health of systems at the enterprise level. As a rule-based application, Integro allows retailers to configure stations and devices to take actions when necessary, such as opening a ticket with the service desk.

Integro integrates seamlessly into your enterprise processes’ service desk application so your business can benefit from the full suite of Integro functionality.

Fujitsu Integro Service

Support at your fingertips

Use real-time data to service any smart device or software before issues arise

Fujitsu Integro empowers your staff by providing detailed processes for on-site employees to fix common issues, and dispatching a technician immediately when professional support is needed. A service desk analyst can assess any issues before sending an on-site technician, saving you potentially thousands of dollars in service calls.

Integration options built for retailers

As part of Fujitsu S3, Integro is designed to be integrated and deployed based on the specific needs of individual retailers. No matter the platform, system or application, Fujitsu understands self-service only works when it all works together.

S3 integration options
Self Service Environment

Self-Service Simplified

Fujitsu is leading the digital transformation of retail technology with Fujitsu S3. S3 is a suite of modular software and hardware building blocks designed to be used together for complete in-store solutions or easily integrated individually into a retailer’s existing estate to augment their in-store capabilities.

Ready to enhance the experience at your store with Fujitsu Integro?

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