Fujitsu G960

G960 Fujitsu

The Fujitsu G960 bill recycling unit sets the new standard for high capacity, high speed and high reliability in an affordable back-office cash management component for OEMs and integrators.

Fujitsu, recognized for over 40 years for world-class cash handling expertise found in ATMs, retail back office cash management systems and kiosks, now adds the G960 to it recycler family offering flexibility not found on other recyclers in it class. The G960 features a completely modular design that includes the top assembly with large capacity “pocket” style acceptor and dispenser, up to 3 roll storage for reservoir and escrow; the middle assembly that contains up to 8 recycling cassettes; and the optional botton assembly that acts as a large-capacity collection box containing up to 7,200 notes for access by entrusted personnel or CIT services.

Enhanced Functional Features



• Highly flexible, best-in-class bill recyling technology for high capacity, back office currency solutions.
• State of the art, Fujitsu-patented bill validation technology that verifies, captures image, sorts all deposited and dispensed media
• Completely accessible cash transport in the top assembly, the middle recycle assembly and in the optional bottom collection box
• Recycles up to 8 denominations, supporting a capacity of up to 22,200* notes processing at a speed of up to 10 notes per second.
• Lower optional collection box separated from top module and recycled module assembly
• Serial number tracking and recording technology
• On-board intelligence for key components

• Rapid ROI, lower cost of ownership and more efficiency managing the highest capacity cash-in-transit programs in multiple verticals
• Accurate and fast cash handling of all deposited media, regardless of fitness, ensuring your program stays up and running
• Empowers store associates to clear jams caused by out of specification or unrecognized items lowering your service costs and down time.
• Eight denominations ensures the maximum number of different notes, capacity supports up the most demanding cash handling programs and speed shortens settlement time, all lowering the overall cost of ownership.
• Modular assembly approach allows integrators and OEMs to offer split vault design to permit only authorized personnel access to certain areas of recyler, protecting chain of cash ownership.
• Intelligent banknote traceability ensures more accurate banknote tracking, and prevents fraud utlimately saving the customer time and money.
• On-board, non-volatile memory enables deployer to monitor, detect and facilitate predictive/preventative diagnostics.