Fujitsu GSR50

GSR50 Multi-Denomination Bill Recycler and Acceptor
The GSR50 recycling unit by Fujitsu is a real game- changer for the OEM sales channel. Built to Fujitsu’s exacting standards, the GSR50 does not compromise features or capabilities for a smaller footprint.

The GSR50s lower price point now makes currency recycling a viable option in a greater number of self and assisted service applications in a number of industry verticals. Extremely configurable, up to 6 recycled denominations, high-capacity deposit box and loading cassette provides maximum flexibility.

With greater capacities, the GSR50 may be the ideal OEM solution for teller assist, ATMs, self-checkout, bill payment or retail cash management environments.
With Fujitsu’s best-in-class bill validation, mixed denominations can be deposited in a bundle of up to 50 notes with the complete image of each note captured (front and back), and used to support provisional credit on “questionable” items. In addition, the bill validator denominates the inserted items, checks for counterfeit, can separate notes by fitness and stores notes in a secured cassette where they can GSR50 Solution Overview Data Sheet Fujitsu GSR50 then be dispensed to another customer.
As a value added feature, the GSR50 can support mixed new and used currency and mixed paper and polymer notes.

Available in up to 16 different configurations, the GSR50 can be installed for front access, providing easy access to the pooling area and the entire length of the transport system to clear jammed notes or foreign objects.
To make the GSR50 as user-friendly and secure as possible there are LED “landing lights” to prompt and guide customers through transactions. In addition, there are optional locks for all cassettes. To speed your solution to market and reduce costs, Fujitsu offers a robust SDK in middleware to lessen the burden of integrating your application software.
If you are unsure if the GSR50 is the right investment for your customer, Fujitsu has developed the Asset Planning Tool™. APT will enable you to enter your customer’s currency handling data, and calculate replenishment benchmarks vs. usage patterns.
Enhanced Features
  • Reliable currency recycling at a lower price, broadening the array of potential applications while ensuring a more rapid ROI
  • Quickly and accurately verifies currency denominations, detects and separates counterfeit and unfit currency with the best-in-class bill validator.
  • Several configuration options from bill acceptance unit only to 6 denomination bill recycling with loading cassette and large capacity deposit cassette
  • Accepts up to 50 notes in a bundle for deposit, dispense up to 20 notes on withdrawal
  • Supports major world currencies including mixed new and used notes, paper and polymer notes
  • Fujitsu SDK in middleware makes integration of GSR50 with your software application easier and quicker
• Lower cost of ownership by more efficiently managing currency requirements and cash- in-transit costs
•Increased up time with the flexibility of adding a loading cassette for increased capacities, start of day replenishment or additional denominations
•Supports provisional credit on questionable items by capturing the entire image of the note with the bill validator, providing greater flexibility to OEM providers.
•Manages the quality of notes by accepting and separating unfit currency, while dispensing only fit currency to endcustomers.
•OEMs can demonstrate ROI to customers with Asset Planning Tool™, which enables customers to enter their unique currency handling data and calculate  replenishment benchmarks vs. usage.