Fujitsu F53

Compact and Multi Cassette Media Dispenser
Designed for the OEM market, the Fujitsu F53 dispenser features six cassettes that can hold up to a total of 3,000 notes or other media.

  • Width 6.3 in (160mm)
  • Depth 13.8 in (351mm)
  • Height 13 in (330mm) 2-Denominations
  • Up to 500 notes / cassette

High-end Features at Low Cost
The Fujitsu F53 offers many features usually found only in more expensive units.

  • RS232C/USB
  • Bill low sensor
  • Denomination sensor
  • Predictive failure analysis
  • Lockable cassette option
  • Firmware downloadable
  • Support for a wide variety of media

Flexible and Easy Integration
The Fujitsu F53 offers OEMs a key element in achieving the compact ergonomic zone required most applications.

High Performance Multi Cassette Media/Currency Dispenser
  • Best-in-class bill dispenser in self-checkout systems and kiosks
  • Front or rear service configurations
  • Multiple delivery options, semi-bunch, tray, bulk or custom transports
  • 2-6 Denomination support
  • High-end features
  • Cost efficient
  • USB or RS232 interface for easy integration
  • On board and remote diagnostic tools for quickly diagnosing and resolving issues
  • Target applications include SCO, low-end ATMs, bill breakers, bill payments kiosk, teller assist, media dispenser, etc.
  • Highest flexibility in delivery / transport options to allow for varying delivery needs including through the wall applications or tray delivery.
  • Semi-bunch delivery option is the best feature of tray and bunch presentation combined, simplifies user panel design
Fujitsu F53